Aluminum Nitrate

Short Description:

  • CAS NO.: 7784-27-2
  • Molecular weight: 111.03
  • Molecular formula: Molecular formula
  • Molecular weight: 375.13
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    Product principle

    Properties: Colorless crystal, easy deliquescence, melting point 73℃, decomposition at 150℃, soluble in water and alcohol, insoluble in ethyl acetate.

    Uses: Aluminum nitrate is mainly used to make catalysts for organic synthesis, mordants for textile industry and oxidants.

    Packaging: 25 kg inner plastic woven bag packaging, or according to customer requirements.

    Analysis Item

    Standard requirements (%)

    Al (NO3) 3 9H2O content


    pH value




    Sulfate (SO4)


    Chloride (Cl)


    Iron (Fe)


    Sodium (Na)


    Magnesium (Mg)


    Potassium (k)


    Calcium (Ca)


    Heavy metals (as Pb)


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