Carbon Dioxide Cracking Device

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The second-generation carbon dioxide cracking device is a new type of cracking equipment independently developed by our company, which is mainly composed of charging machine, storage tank, cracking device and other equipment.
● Carbon dioxide charging machine
● Carbon dioxide storage tank
● Diameter 89×5×1200 crack machine
● Diameter 76×1.5×1400 crack machine
● Diameter 32×1000 activator

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Carbon dioxide storage tank

Capacity: 499 liters

Weight: 490Kg

Dimensions: 2100mm x 750mm x 1000mm


Automatic gas expansion charging machine

Motor: 8 pole 4 kw

Weight: 450Kg

Dimensions: 1250cm×590cm×1150cm


89*5*1200 Crack Generator

76*1.5*1400 Crack Generator


Diameter 32×1000 Activator

Product principle

Carbon dioxide exists as a liquid at temperatures below 31 degrees Celsius or at pressures greater than 7.35MPa, and begins to vaporize at temperatures above 31 degrees Celsius, and the pressure changes with temperature.

Taking advantage of this feature, liquid carbon dioxide is filled in the head of the cracking device, and the cracking device is used to rapidly stimulate the heating device, and the liquid carbon dioxide is vaporized and expanded instantly and produces high pressure, and the volume expansion is more than 600-800 times. When the pressure reaches the ultimate strength, the high-pressure gas breaks through and releases and acts on the rock mass and orebody, so as to achieve the purpose of expansion and cracking.

This technology overcomes the disadvantages of high destructive power and high risk in explosive blasting mining and precracking in the past, and provides a reliable guarantee for the safe mining and precracking of mines and rocks, and can be widely used in mining, cement, quarrying and many other industries.

At the same time, the carbon dioxide gas rapidly released during the cracking process of the carbon dioxide splitter has a cooling effect, and carbon dioxide is an inert gas, which can completely avoid the related accidents caused by the open flame caused by the shooting.

Scope of application

The application range of carbon dioxide cracking device is very wide, and the main application range is:

● Mining of open pit stone plant;

● The mining and driving of underground coal mines, especially the mining of gas coal mines;

● Sections and areas where the use of explosives is not permitted;

● Cement plant, steel plant desilting and clearing blockage.

Product advantage

Unlike traditional explosives, carbon dioxide cracking devices do not produce shock waves, open flames, heat sources and various toxic and harmful gases produced by chemical reactions. The application proves that the carbon dioxide cracking device, as a physical cracking device, does not have any negative effects and has high safety performance.

● The thermal reaction process is carried out in the chamber of the closed tube, and the low temperature causes cracking. The emitted CO2 has the effect of inhibiting explosion and flame retardant, and will not detonate combustible gas.

● It can be directed to crack and delay control, especially in special environments (such as residential areas, tunnels, subways, underground Wells, etc.), with small vibration and no destructive vibration and shock waves during the implementation process, and no destructive impact on the surrounding environment;

● Vibration and impact cannot stimulate the heating device, so the filling, transportation, storage has a high safety; The liquid carbon dioxide injection only takes 1-3 minutes, the cracking to the end only takes 4 milliseconds, and there is no squib in the implementation process, no need to check the gun;

● No fire warehouse, simple management, easy to operate, less operator, no professional personnel on duty;

● The cracking ability is controllable, and the energy level is set according to the different environment and object;

● No dust, flying stone, no toxic and harmful gases, close distance, can quickly return to the working face, continuous operation;

The texture structure is not damaged in stone mining, and the yield and efficiency are high.

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