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2,2-Bis (ethylferrocenyl) propane

1. English another name:Catocene

2. CAS NO:37206-42-1

3. Molecule formula: C27H32Fe2

4. Molecule weight: 468.25

5. Main technical data



Type I

Type Ⅱ

Fe content,%(m/m)



Viscosity, (25℃) Pa.S



Density, (20℃) g/cm3



Moisture content,%(m/m)



Loss by volatile,(80±1)℃ %(20±1)X 102Pa,12h






Acidity, mol/100g




Brown red sticky liquid

Brown red sticky liquid

1) all the technical data indicated above are for your reference.
2) alternative specification is welcome for further discussion.

6 Uses
2,2 bis(ethylferrocene) propane is used as a high-efficiency burning catalyst for various composite solid propellants. It features excellent comprehensive performance and low mobility. As a dinuclear ferrocene derivative, it produces the effects of increasing the burning rate and lowering the pressure when added in the composite solid propellant using AP as an oxidant

7. Storage
Stored in a cool, ventilated place. Containers should be sealed with nitrogen. Avoid heat and exposure to sunlight. Shelf life is 12 months upon the manufacturer date. It can be further used if retesting result shows qualified when expire date matures.

8. Transportation
Keep the container upright during the course of transportation. Avoid violent impact and exposure to sunlight. Do not transport it with strong oxidizers. It is not regulated as hazardous material.

Company Profile
We are one of the growing suppliers in the field of specialty chemicals with chlorate and perchlorate production base in Hunan province, Central China. The annual production capacity of chlorate and perchlorate is about 8000 tons, including sodium chlorate, potassium chlorate, sodium perchlorate, potassium perchlorate and ammonium perchlorate produced in accordance with relevant national standards as well as specialized standards for various applications.
Besides chlorate and perchlorate, we have developed business sector in the field of pyrotechnical industry, including various specification of nitrate, metal powders, propellant-related additives etc. for different applications.

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