Atomized Magnesium Powder

Comparing with the traditional magnesium powder (machine milling, ground) the atomized magnesium powder produced by Tangshan Weihao magnesium powder Co., Ltd has such characteristics : high purity, high content of active magnesium, high activity, high apparent density ,high fluidity, high stability, small particle size and small specific surface.
The atomized magnesium powder is widely used in high-tech fields like military, chemicals and all that. At the same time of satisfying domestic demand, we export products to more than ten countries which located in occident or Central Asia, and win good comments from both national and international partners.
The particle size can be 30 mesh —1250 mesh (10—500um) and it can also, on request ,be custom tailored in size to meet customers’ own mesh specifications.

Product characteristics

1 Granular Shape 
With atomization technology and rapid solidification technology Tangshan Weihao magnesium powder Co., Ltd produce the atomized magnesium powder, which has high rate of sphere. The capability is better than ground magnesium powder on the current market.

Atomized Magnesium Powder1 Atomized Magnesium Powder
Atomized Magnesium powder ground magnesium powder

2 Rate of sphere
The technology of atomization and rapid solidification make the atomized magnesium powder has high rate of sphere. Because of the surface is spherical, atomized magnesium powder react steadily.

3 Bulk density
The higher bulk density the powder has, the more atomized magnesium powder can be used in product, and also it obtains a big adjustable range of charge weight. It can save freight and cost of storage.

4 Fluidity
Atomized magnesium powder has better fluidity than ground magnesium powder so that it can mix with other powder more evenly so it can make reaction goes more steadily

5 Content of active magnesium
The higher content of active magnesium the powder has, the more effective component participates in reaction. It has better controllability to main reaction and less side reaction happens so it can save cost.

6 Hygroscopicity
Atomized magnesium powder has lower humidity than ground magnesium powder so it is more stable and can be stored longer.

Post time: Dec-15-2020