Tungsten alloy products

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Tungsten alloy products are widely used in aerospace, medical instruments, military industry, machinery and electronics, petroleum exploration, automobile, sports balancing, gold-plated jewelry and other fields based on the characteristics of high density, high hardness, high melting point, anti-corrosion, anti-radiation, non-toxic and environment friendly.
We can produce and supply standard tungsten alloy products and various kinds of non-standard tungsten alloy products, relying on superior injection molding technology and pressing technology we possess.

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1) Tungsten alloy for outdoor sports,
-Tungsten alloy fishing sinker 

-Tungsten alloy fishing  (1)
-Tungsten alloy fishing  (2)
-Tungsten alloy fishing  (3)
-Tungsten alloy fishing  (4)

2) Tungsten alloy for military,
-Tungsten carbide Core

Tungsten alloy products729

3) Tungsten alloy for shielding

Tungsten alloy products764
Tungsten alloy products766

4) Tungsten alloy balancing

Tungsten alloy products797
Tungsten alloy products800

5) Tungsten alloy rivet jacking rod and rivet

Tungsten alloy products856

6) Tungsten alloy rod

Tungsten alloy products881
Tungsten alloy products884

Services and Support
Free samples are available at customer's request. Potential customers are requested to provide detailed information including drawing, purchasing quantity etc. for our review. Delivery cost for sample is borne by customer.

OEM service is available.

Quality Control
Quality assurance system is in place, strict inspecting and testing are carried out throughout the production and delivery process in order to ensure the best quality.

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