Function and efficacy of Tricalcium phosphate

Tricalcium phosphate (referred to as TCP) is also known as calcium phosphate, it is white crystal or amorphous powder. There are many kinds of crystal transition, which are mainly divided into low temperature β-phase (β-TCP) and high temperature α-phase (α-TCP). The phase transition temperature is 1120℃-1170℃.

Chemical name: tricalcium phosphate

Alias: calcium phosphate

Molecular formula: Ca3(P04)2

Molecular weight: 310.18

CAS: 7758-87-4

Physical properties

Appearance and properties: white, odorless, tasteless crystal or amorphous powder.

Melting point (℃): 1670

Solubility: insoluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, acetic acid, soluble in acid.

High temperature type α phase belongs to monoclinic system, the relative density is 2.86 g/cm3; The low temperature type β phase belongs to hexagonal crystal system and its relative density is 3.07 g/cm3.



Tricalcium phosphate is a safe nutrient fortifier, mainly added in food to fortify the intake of calcium, it can also be used to prevent calcium deficiency or healthy problem caused by calcium deficiency. At the same time, tricalcium phosphate can also be used as anti-caking agent, PH value regulator, buffer and so on. When used in food, it is commonly used in flour anti-caking agent (dispersant), milk powder, candy, pudding, seasoning, meat additives, animal oil refining additives, yeast food, etc.

Microencapsulated tricalcium phosphate, one of the calcium sources for human body, is a kind of calcium product that uses tricalcium phosphate as raw material after going through ultra-fine grinding, and then being encapsulated with lecithin into microcapsules featuring a diameter of 3-5 micrometers.

In addition, tricalcium phosphate, as a daily source of calcium, has the advantage over other calcium supplements in providing both calcium and phosphorus. Keeping a balance between calcium and phosphorus in the body is important because both minerals are essential for bone formation. So if this balance cannot be realized, it’s often difficult in achieving the desired effect of calcium supplementation.



Tricalcium phosphate is an ideal material for the repair and replacement of human’s hard tissue due to its good biocompatibility, bioactivity and biodegradation. It has been paid close attention in the field of biomedical engineering. α-tricalcium phosphate, β-tricalcium phosphate, are commonly used in medicine. β Tricalcium phosphate is mainly composed of calcium and phosphorus, its composition is similar to the inorganic components of bone matrix, and it binds well to bone.

Animal or human cells can grow, differentiate and reproduce normally on the β-tricalcinum phosphate material. A large number of experimental studies prove β- tricalcium phosphate, having no adverse reaction, no rejection reaction, no acute toxic reaction, no allergic phenomenon. Therefore, β Tricalcium phosphate can be widely used in joint and spinal fusion, limbs, oral and maxillofacial surgery, surgery, and filling periodontal cavities.

Other application:

used in the manufacture of opal glass, ceramic, paint, mordant, medicine, fertilizer, animal feed additive, syrup clarifying agent, plastic stabilizer, etc.

Post time: Aug-24-2021