Dual Use Items And Technology Export License Application Documents

1. A copy of the contract or agreement;
2. Technical description of dual-use items and technologies;
3. End-user certificate and end-use certificate (including Chinese translation), According to the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce, some countries need to provide dual certification. If foreign reseller is involved, an additional reseller guarantee should be provided. The specific contract number and product quantity should be clearly indicated in the letter of guarantee, and the contract between reseller and the end user should be provided (the unit price and total price can be covered).
4. The guarantee document provided in accordance with Article 2 of the above “Application Conditions”; Article 2. Recipients of dual use items and technology exports shall ensure that they will not use dual use related items and technologies supplied by China for purposes other than the declared end-uses without the permission of the Chinese govermment, and will not transfer the dual use item and technology supplied by China to any third parties other than the declared end users.
5. Description of the end user’s situation (profile, catalogue, etc. including Chinese translation) A company profile issued by the end user. A set of explanatory documents (with
the official seal or signature of the end user) including scope of business, main products and operation status, etc., shall be provided by the user w ith corresponding Chinese translation. (According to the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce, some countries need to provide dual certifications)
6. Other documents required by the competent commercial department of the State Council.
7. The above materials shall be signed and stamped in accordance with relevant regulations.
Dual certification refers to the signature and approval of the set of documents by the local competent department of the client and the resident embassy of China. Generally, the Ministry of Commerce will inform whether the dual certification is needed during the course of review ing the application case.

Post time: Dec-15-2020